Project 8

Project Title: “Development of appropriate computer aided colour matching data base and print design library for the use in production of diversified Jute products

 (JTM R&D Project no. -8 )


1.0 Objectives:


  • Development computer aided colour matching database  for different dye classes to obtain computer assisted dyeing-recipe/ formulation for jute products.

  • Study of compatibility of mixture of dyes and effect of different dye bath assistants / auxiliaries on consequent colour strength and other colour interaction parameters for production of wash-fast and light-fast dyed jute products.

  • Organising bulk trial seminars/ workshops / training programmes at IJT or at factory site to disseminate about this computerised facility for colour measuring and matching as well as production of cost effective colour matching recipe for jute based products.

  • Development of computer aided print design system using new generation software system and to utilize the same to develop novel print designs library for production of attractive jute based diversified products.

  • Development of a network between industry and IJT interaction chain for utilizing the computer aided colour database and print-design library in effective manner for the common users of jute sector in association with AJHEEI and others.


2.0 Deliverables:


  • Preparation of computer aided colour matching (CACM) database for different dye classes(Acid,Direct,Reactive and Vat) to generate computer assisted dyeing-recipe/ formulation for jute products

  • Development   of  a print  design library with variation of design dimension colour combination and replication of print designs on fabrics for cataloguing of newer  jute products

  • Dissemination of lab. trial results through bulk trial(maximum-two)/ seminar & workshop / hands-on training of jute dyers/ personnel of jute sector in association with AJHEEI.

  • Preparation of Shade cards and design portfolio/catalogue for jute along with colourfastness test results and standardised dyeing process

  • Preparation of shade card and Manual on  Colour  Matching  & Print Designs

  •  Cost analysis


3.0 Achievements so far :


  • Database file for reactive dyes manufactured by Huntsman (12 dyes of different colour x 9 different % of shades = 108 different shades) has been completed. The same for reactive dye manufactured by Dye-chem International (of 14 colours X 9 depth of shade for each colour i.e. 14 x 9= 126 shades) has been completed.
  • Preparation of database file for acid dyes [Dyechem International] of 10 colours (9 depths of shades for each colour) i.e. 10 x 9=90 shades has been completed. Acid dyes (Dyestar) of 10 colours (9 depth of shade for each colour) i.e. 10 x 9= 90 shades.
  • Preparation of database file Direct dyes [ATUL] of 17 colours (9 depth of shades for each colour) i.e. 17 x 9=153 shades has been completed. Direct dyes (Huntsman) of 9 colours (9 depth of shade for each colour) i.e. 9 x 9= 81 shades has been completed.
  •  Preparation of database file Vat dyes [ATUL] of 7 colours (9 depth of shades for each colour) i.e. 7 x 9=63 shades has been completed.
  • The Colour fastness (light/ wash/ rubbing) for reactive dyes , direct dyes and acid dyes are in progress.
  • Dyeing process variables study for reactive dyestuff (Dyechem International), and acid dyestuff (Dyestar International) on surface colour strength have been done and optimization of process variables for different colours of reactive dyestuff (Huntsman International) and acid dyes (Dye-star International) and direct dyestuffs (Huntsman International and Atul Limited) is under progress and is almost 85% completed. 
  • About  100 designs  have  been developed under  Photoshop  and 50 designs have been developed in computer using Printex (Techman ) software and these designs can be modified /resized /  reduced/ enlarged at  customer’s/buyer’s choice / requirements. Preparation of design catalogue and computerized designs are in progress.
  • A bulk-scale demonstration trial was arranged at Ashim Kar & Industries Pvt. Ltd. on 28 & 29 September 2010. For field trial on print design part with our developed designs, we will organize of the same preferably in September 2011 at the printing factory of M/s Third Eye Printer at Raja K.L. Goswami Street, Serampore, Hooghly, as they have agreed for the same and the second mill trial on comuter aided colour matching system will be organized at M/s  Birla Corporation Ltd.



[Prof. (Dr.) A K Samanta]

                                                                               Professor in Textile Chemistry, DJFT, IJT, CU

                                                                             PI and Nodal Officers of JTM R&D Projects, IJT